217 – The Roman Emperor Caracalla is assassinated by the guards, and Macrinus is proclaimed the new emperor a few days later. Shanghai Yangpu Bridge Shanghai Yangpu Bridge 1525 - The head of the Teutonic Knights converted to Lutheranism, and the Duchy of Prussia was established. 1695 - The Palace of Supreme Harmony (commonly known as the Palace of Golden Thrones) was built in the Forbidden City in Beijing. 1710 - Kangxi ordered the compilation of "Kangxi Dictionary", which was written in 1716. 1742 - Georg Friedrich Handel's oratorio Messiah premieres in Dublin. 1896 - Jiaotong University (the predecessor of Shanghai Jiaotong University and Xi'an Jiaotong University) was established. 1902 - Russia agrees to withdraw its troops from northeastern China. 1904 - The British and French representatives signed the Anglo-French Entente in London to resolve the conflict between the two countries for the colony. 1904 - Longacre Square in Manhattan, USA, was renamed Times Square after the headquarters of The New York Times moved nearby. 1913 - Opening of the First National Congress of the Republic of China 1913 - U.S. President Wilson's State of the Union address is welcomed. 1939 - Italy invades Albania 1946 - The League of Nations decides to dissolve itself and transfer its assets to the United Nations. 1946—The CCP delegation departed from Chongqing by plane to Yan'an to report to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in a crash in the Black Tea Mountain in Xing County, Shanxi Province. Ye Ting, Wang Ruofei, Bo Gu, Deng Fa, Huang Qisheng and others were killed. 1947 - The main force of the Jin-Chahar-Hebei Military Region launched a counter-offensive on Zhengtai Road. 1954 – South African Airways Flight 201 crashes. 1973 - India forcibly took over all the powers of the Sikkim government and implemented military occupation. 1980 - The "Big Four" provisions of the Constitution are removed 1984 - The Long March 3 rocket carrying the Dongfanghong 2 test satellite was successfully launched 1985 - The Taipei "District Court" concluded the Jiangnan murder case 1986 - Paul Bremer is the U.S. State Department's ambassador-at-large for counterterrorism. 1989 - Mexican drug kingpin arrested Leung Ka Fai Leung Ka Fai 1992 - Gorbachev was interrogated by the Russian Procuratorate over the financial problems of the former Soviet Union 1993 - The world's largest cable-stayed bridge - Shanghai Yangpu Bridge closed 1994 - Prime Minister Hosokawa Morihiro announces his resignation 1994 - The World Health Organization declares polio almost eradicated 1996—The National Work Conference on the Reform and Expansion of the Employee Medical Security System was held 1996 - The day when civilians in southern Lebanon were injured by Israeli landmines, triggering a serious military conflict between the two countries. The Israeli operation, code-named "Grapes of Wrath", killed nearly 200 civilians and turned more than 500,000 Lebanese civilians into refugees. The famous Japanese female singer Ayumi Hamasaki debuted on April 8, 1998 The famous Japanese female singer Ayumi Hamasaki debuted on April 8, 1998 In 1998, the famous Japanese female singer Ayumi Hamasaki released her first solo single "poker face" under the avex trax record company in Japan, and officially began her singing career [1-2]. 2003—The Regulations on Safe Work of the Chinese People's Liberation Army was promulgated and implemented. 2004—The meeting of China-Iran (Iran) Joint Committee on Economic, Trade, Science and Technology was held. 2005 – The funeral Mass of Pope John Paul II is held in the Holy See. 2006 - The 25th Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony was held, Liang Jiahui won the Best Actor and Zhou Xun won the Best Actress. 2006 - The 40th anniversary of the Ultraman series "Ultraman Mebius" premiered in Japan. Super Junior-Mandarin Super Junior-Mandarin 2007 - After 66 days of hard work, the Slovenian Martin Strel completes the feat of swimming the Amazon River alone. 2008 - South Korea's first astronaut Lee Soyeon lifts off on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft. 2008 - Guangdong Hakka Museum opened. 2012 - The ENVISAT satellite lost contact with ESA, and the 8-ton satellite was suspended at an altitude of 800 kilometers. 2012 - EXO officially debuted. 2013 – Margaret Thatcher, nicknamed the Iron Lady, dies at the age of 87. 2014 - On April 8, Microsoft discontinued Windows XP system service support and major security updates. 2018—Many people were injured in a fight between the urban management and the police at the demolition site in Shangqiu, Henan. 2018 - A bus in the United States overruns the overpass and injures 43 people, including a Chinese high school student. 2019 - The 16th World Ethnic Film Festival was held in South Bay, Los Angeles, USA 2020 - From 0:00 on the same day, Wuhan lifted the control of the passage from Han to Hubei, and resumed external traffic in an orderly manner. [3] 2021 - An explosion and fire at a Yenkin-Majestic paint factory in Ohio, USA. At the time of the accident, there were about 40 employees and a large amount of chemicals in the paint factory building. Eight people were injured and one was missing in the accident. -4.8 Explosion Accident at American Paint Factory 2021 - 11 Nigerian Army soldiers were killed by unidentified militants while on duty in the central Benue state. -4.8 Nigerian soldier killed in attack 2021 - A shooting at the Kent Moore Cabinets headquarters in Blaine, Texas. The shooting killed one person and injured at least six others, and a suspect has been arrested, an employee of the cabinet company. -4.8 shooting incident at the Kent Moore Cabinetry Company headquarters 2021—A long-distance bus rollover accident occurred in the Ayacucho province of south-central Peru. A long-distance bus from Lima, the capital of Peru, suddenly veered off the road near the Puccio district of Ayacucho province and then rolled over. Nine people were killed and about 20 injured in the accident. -4.8 Peru coach rollover accident 2021 - A magnitude 5.5 earthquake occurs in Alaska, the United States, with a focal depth of 80 kilometers and an epicenter at 63.20 degrees north latitude and 148.75 degrees west longitude. -4.8 Alaska Earthquake