1527 – The Spanish and Holy Roman Empire forces invade Rome, which some believe is the end of the Renaissance. During the sack of Rome, the Swiss Guard, which was responsible for protecting the Pope, fought hard to cover the Pope in its duty, and lost three-quarters of it. 1536 - King Henry VIII of England ordered the translation of the Bible so that every church could have the English version of the Bible. 1682 - King Louis XIV of France moved to Versailles. 1757 – Seven Years War: Battle of Prague, Prussia defeats Austria. 1840 - Britain issues the world's first postage stamps. The stamps are printed with reliefs of Queen Victoria, each worth a penny, people call it "penny black stamps". The inventor of the stamp was the British teacher Roland Hill, who later served as the postmaster general of the United Kingdom. 1860 - Garibaldi's red shirts set sail from Genoa to expedition to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. 1863 – Civil War: Battle of Chancellorsville, Confederate forces led by Thomas Jackson. 1882 - The United States passed the "Chinese Exclusion Act" [1] . Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower 1889 - The Eiffel Tower officially opens to the public at the World's Fair. 1919 - The May 4th student movement expands to the whole country 1922 - The First National Labour Congress ends 1933--Nanjing Nationalist Government seeks an armistice with Japan in North China 1934 - The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China criticized the expansion of the eradication of counter-revolutionaries 1935 - Roosevelt's New Deal: The Public Works Promotion Agency was established to provide relief, public works, and unemployment. 1937 - The German giant passenger airship "Hindenburg" burned down in New Jersey, USA, and the airship withdrew from the stage of commercial flight. 1939 - Wang Jingwei surrendered to the enemy by electricity 1945 – World War II: The Battle of Prague, the last major battle on the Eastern Front in Europe. 1949 - Stuart's first meeting with the CCP 1950 - Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County in Gansu Province, the earliest ethnic autonomous county established in China 1950 – Agnes Smedley dies 1952 - The Central Committee approved and forwarded the "Report on the Development Policy, Speed ​​and Regional Distribution of the National Iron and Steel Industry" 1954 – Bannister first breaks the 4-minute mark in a mile 1955 - The Third National Rural Work Conference of the Central Rural Work Department ended 1971 - my country established consular-level diplomatic relations with San Marino 1974 - German Chancellor Brandt resigns 1975 - China and the European Economic Community reach an agreement to establish formal relations 1976 - A powerful earthquake hits the border region of northeastern Italy bordering Yugoslavia, razing many towns to the ground. 1982 - Xinhua News Agency reported that my country's first professional company to break the boundaries of regions and departments and implement alliances and reorganizations by industry - China State Shipbuilding Corporation was formally established in Beijing. This is a major breakthrough in my country's reform of the economic system and the use of economic organizations instead of administrative agencies for economic management. 1983 - The General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (M) led a delegation of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India to visit my country 1985 - The space shuttle Challenger completed its sixth flight. During this flight, Chinese-American Dr. Ganjun Wang successfully conducted the droplet dynamics experiment. 1987 - Dayaoshan Tunnel, one of the top ten tunnels in the world, was completed 1987—A huge fire broke out in four forest areas in the Daxinganling Mountains, Heilongjiang Province 1987 - The selection of China's top ten traditional famous flowers was announced in Shanghai. The 10-month selection has received nearly 150,000 votes from 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. The jury composed of 114 flower experts finally ruled that plum blossoms, peony, chrysanthemum, orchid, rose, azalea, camellia, Lotus, sweet-scented osmanthus and daffodils are the top ten traditional famous flowers in China. This order is based on the highest score. 1988 - The USS "President Monroe" was loaded with 3,000 tons of general cargo from Kobe, Japan and sailed to Hong Kong. At 4:00 p.m. on the same day, my "Sulianyu 519" fishing boat collided with my boat from behind while trawling at sea near Wenzhou. , causing my ship to sink very quickly. At that time, my ship sailed in the southwest direction, and the US ship was in the same direction. The tonnage of American cargo ships is more than 40,000 tons, and our fishing vessel is a light iron ship. 1988—A huge gas explosion occurred in a township coal mine jointly run by the Houchang Town Government, Weining County, Bijie Region, Guizhou Province and a farmer in Anle Village, Ertang Township, Liupanshui City . This is a major responsibility accident, and it is also the largest casualty accident that has occurred in the country's township coal mines in recent years. 1989 - Asia Mall was born in the tide of reform. 1991 - The Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Personnel confirmed the first batch of 100 supervising engineers in China, and awarded the qualification certificate, thus changing the situation that "three-funded" projects are mainly supervised by foreigners and Chinese cannot supervise foreign projects 1994 - The Central Committee issued the "Opinions on Strengthening the Work of Party Schools under the New Situation" 1994 - The English Channel Channel Tunnel opens to traffic 1994—China’s first large-scale nuclear power plant built with foreign capital, advanced equipment and technology, and also China’s first large-scale commercial nuclear power plant—Guangdong Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station was officially put into commercial operation. 1995 - The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China made the "Decision on Accelerating the Progress of Science and Technology" 1995 - China's Arctic scientific expedition successfully arrived at the North Pole 1998 - Merger of Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler 1998 - Unrest in Indonesia escalates 2000 - Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin is sworn in. 2001 - After 8 days of space travel, Dennis Tito, the first human space tourist, the rich American, and 2 Russian astronauts returned to Earth safely and realized their dream. 2002 - French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin takes office. 2003 - The National Development and Reform Commission was officially listed 2004 - The classic American drama "Friends" ended 2005 - The 48th World Table Tennis Championships ended successfully in Shanghai. 2006 – The Labour Party wins the British general election and Blair is re-elected for three consecutive terms. 2007 - Nicola Sarkozy, candidate of the People's Movement Alliance, was elected with 53% of the vote, becoming the 23rd President of France. 2008—President Hu Jintao was invited to visit Japan and started the "ice-breaking trip" between China and Japan. 2009 – The South African National Assembly elects Jacob Zuma, the chairman of the ruling African National Congress, as its new president. 2010 - In the election of the House of Commons of the British Parliament, the original opposition Conservative Party won 306 seats out of 650 seats, becoming the largest party in the parliament. The former ruling Labour Party won 257 seats, making it the second largest party in Parliament. Another opposition party, the Liberal Democrats, won 57 seats, making it the third-largest party in parliament. But because the Conservatives did not win a majority of the seats, they formed a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats. 2012 - In the second round of the French general election, the French Socialist Party presidential candidate Hollande successfully defeated the incumbent president and the People's Movement Alliance presidential candidate Sarkozy with about 51.9% of the votes and was elected president. [2] 2014 - The first China Internet Logistics Festival was grandly opened on 5.6th. 2016 - my country's first and the world's longest mileage of a medium and low-speed maglev commercial operation demonstration line was officially opened in Changsha, Hunan. [3] 2018 - A bomb attack at a mosque in eastern Afghanistan kills 17 and injures 33. 2018—Three people died when a pipeline in the parking lot of Wanda Plaza in Changshu fell, and the mall was ordered to close. 2018 - Zhengzhou flight attendant killed by taxi. 2019 - A magnitude 7.2 earthquake hits Papua New Guinea. ——5.6 Papua New Guinea Earthquake 2020 - A car accident occurred on the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. A black car with a foreign license plate collided with the guardrail and electric pole, and was stuck in the air after breaking the guardrail. One person was injured in the accident. -5.6 Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge traffic accident 2020—A fire accident occurred in Siyao Village, Youwei Town, Youyu County, Shuozhou City, Shanxi Province. Four people were killed in the accident. -5.6 Youyu residential house fire accident