On July 28, 2022, SCS Software officially released the highly anticipated version of ETS2 1.45. In addition to the new trailer and automatic wipers that everyone is looking forward to, everyone must be very concerned about the reset of this version of Hannover. When 1.45 was officially updated at that time, the blog of SCS Software's official website actually mentioned this IAA expo. So in fact, SCS's move this time is very clear, and everyone has seen it. On August 31, 2022, SCS announced the Destination Hannover Event on its official website Blog. As of now, our video has been released, and this event is still going on. Don't mention Hannover in TruckersMP. How lively, you can watch this video of ours. 2022年7月28日,SCS Software正式发布了万众瞩目的欧卡1.45的版本,除了大家非常期待的新的挂车,自动雨刷以外,大家肯定都非常关注这个版本的汉诺威的重置。在当时的1.45正式更新的时候,SCS Software官网的Blog中其实就已经提到了IAA的这一次博览会。所以其实SCS这次的举动非常明白,大家也看到了,在2022年8月31日SCS在官网Blog公布了Destination Hannover Event活动,截止目前我们的视频发布,这个活动仍然在进行,TruckersMP中汉诺威别提有多热闹了,大家可以观看我们的这期视频。 (https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1zB4y1g7qW?)