On September 1, 2022, SCS officially announced the Destination Hannover Event, a new mission of World Of Truck. This is an exciting event. At the same time, SCS also opened the Krone freight yard for ordinary players. In addition to allowing players to complete the mission, they can also experience Krone trailer. Yesterday, one of China YuanMeng VTC's Truck skin design contestant's DIY truck also drove from Calais, France to Hannover ITS yard, and took a group photo at the gate.

2022年9月1日SCS正式宣布World Of Truck新任务Destination Hannover Event,这是一次激动人心的活动,同时SCS也为普通玩家开放了Krone货场,除了让玩家能够完成任务的同时,还能体验到Krone挂车。在昨天,中国圆梦车队中的一位皮肤设计参赛选手将自己设计的DIY卡车,也从法国加来开往汉诺威ITS货场,在门口合影留念。