TruckersMP名字:十一 ML-011-YU TruckersMP ID:3798073 4513054 联系QQ:2537483538 235363575 拉黑原因:此人在背后侮辱车队队长 曾经加入过的车队: MS俱乐部 航海车队
SteamID:76561198978425726 76561198966882970 邮箱 这两个号是一个人 该行为影响到名狼车队正常运行 经决定将此人拉入黑名单并踢出车队 往各大队注意此人! 以上内容最终解释权归名狼车队所有!!! TruckersMP name: eleven ML-011-YU TruckersMP ID:3798073 4513054 Contact QQ: 2537483538 235363575 Reason for blackmailing: This person insulted the team captain behind his back. Once joined the team: MS Club And HangHai Team SteamID:76561198978425726 76561198966882970 E-mail:, These two numbers are one person. This behavior affects the normal operation of the famous wolf team. It was decided to blacklist this person and kick him out of the motorcade. Pay attention to this person in each brigade! The final interpretation right of the above content belongs to the famous wolf team! ! !****