Today, we are happy to share with you some progress that has been made on this upcoming truck in the form of some screenshots! As you can see, since that original stream, our vehicles team has made quite a bit of progress; but there is still plenty of work to be completed. 今天,我们很高兴通过一些截图与大家分享有关这辆即将到来的卡车的进度!正如大家所能看到的,自之前直播到现在,我们车辆团队在此已取得很大的进展,不过仍有许多工作有待完成。 Rest assured, our teams are still working hard, and with plenty of work and testing still on the road ahead, we will be making sure that all our quality standards are met before we release it. 请放心,我们团队仍不断在努力工作,前面还有许多工作和测试等待完成,我们会在推出前确保各方面均达到我们的质量标准。