Photos of Real Operations V8 (2019/11/25)

[ST I 009] Ge Xiaohe 2019年11月29日178

Today is November 25th, 2019. We participated in the Real Operations V8 held by TruckersMP. Thanks for the hard work of the team of TruckersMP.

TruckersCHN No.16 Event

China-leitinG 2019年11月10日125



FH Gaming-CEO\RYZEN 2019年11月8日244

经烽火俱乐部管理部集体商议决定,为了提高队内成员以及散人群成员的活跃性 特此制定出《烽火俱乐部奖励制度》并决定于```2019年9月14日```开始实施

The 5th SanRen VTC Technique Competition was Held Successfully

[ST I 009] Ge Xiaohe 2019年10月26日229

Recently, the 5th SanRen VTC Technique Competition has been held successfully, which concentrated on the skills of reversing a truck. The top six were chosen from the preliminary, who competed in the final. Congratulations to the winners!

SanRen VTC was Founded on TruckersMP Today

[ST I 009] Ge Xiaohe 2019年10月26日179

SanRen VTC was founded on TruckersMP today. We would like to express our appreciation for the impressive efforts of the TruckersMP team to make it possible that we could gather together.

Photos of Daily Convoy Activity (2019/10/20)

[ST I 009] Ge Xiaohe 2019年10月21日174

Today is October 20th, 2019. This is the first time that we hold our convoy in Iceland on ProMods Server. Thanks for the hard work of TruckersMP and ProMods.

欧卡 Steam: 7653 人 联机:476人   占比:6%
美卡 Steam: 5797 人 联机:93人     占比:2%