Today is June 27, 2022.

After the unanimous decision of the TCS management team and the performance of all the team members, the TCS management team unanimously agreed to commend the 021 team members as excellent team members for one month!

Let me introduce the member 021


Profile link:[TCS-VTC]021HeRao

[TCS-VTC]021HeRao joined the team on April, 2022. Follow instructions in team activities and assist team in traffic control. His behavior is worth learning from.

[TCS-VTC]021HeRao is a very enthusiastic team member. When our team welcomes new members, he patiently answers all the questions for them. No matter the team held private activities or public activities, he would attend the team activities on time. In April, there are 21 team events. He can participate in all the activities this month, which is worth learning from us.