#### 团队成员🤵[TCS-VTC]021HeRao,🤵[TCS-VTC]067NuoYan自加入以来表现出色,态度积极。经管理团队研究决定:🤵[TCS-VTC]021HeRao,🤵[TCS-VTC]067NuoYan晋升管理团队,希望以后再接再厉,再创佳绩。各部门同事应以他们为榜样,在本职岗位上不同提升能力,超越自我,车队将一如既往的为每一位成员提供广阔的发展空间。


Team members 🤵[TCS-VTC]021HeRao, 🤵[TCS-VTC]067nuoyan have performed well and had a positive attitude since they joined. The management team decided that: 🤵[TCS-VTC]021HeRao, 🤵[TCS-VTC]067nuoyan would be promoted to the management team, hoping to make further efforts and achieve better results in the future.Colleagues of all departments should follow their example, improve their abilities in their own positions and surpass themselves. The team will continue to provide a broad space for development for each member.


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